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impianto termico in costruzioneInstallation of industrial
thermal power plants.
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We guarantee functional efficiency, optimizing
energy resources, avoiding unnecessary waste.
installazione di impianti termici industriali rispettando le norme di sicurezzaFrom design
to maintenance.
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We design and install the thermal power plant and the entire heat
distribution network, evaluating the specific functional and logistical needs.
mano tiene pezzo di ricambio per centrale termicaExpertise and experience
for over 40 years.
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Porta srl has created more than 300 thermal systems,
industrial heating systems and process plants, in Italy and abroad.

Industrial Heating Systems Design

For over 40 years we have been designing and installing industrial heating systems and power plants in Italy and around the world

We design and install industrial thermal power plants starting from the company energy analysis and the inspection of the installation environment.

To date, Porta srl has around 300 completed systems, in Italy and around the world: thermal power plants, industrial heating systems and process plants.
  • Team of engineers and technicians with skills that guarantee high quality standards
  • Design and installation of complete thermal power plants, including prefabricated ones on SKID
  • Installation of boilers and thermal machines to satisfy any production need
  • Thermal power plants installation
operaio di porta srl costruisce un componente dell’impianto termico
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Installazione centrale termica

Thermal power plants installation

Porta combines know-how, professionalism and passion, from the analysis phase to the testing phase of the thermal power plant. The installation of the power plant, meticulous and accurate, is only the last of the steps that conclude a path made of certain timing and solutions to critical issues.

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Energy Analysis

Inspection and analysis of energy needs: power and temperatures necessary for uses, choice of fuel and necessary technologies

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Sizing, P&Id definition and layout, 3D design and execution of any NDT

  • All
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas

Foreign experience and certified know-how

We have been working all around the world for 30 years. Our certified know-how allows the installation of cutting-edge heating systems according to current regulations and requirements.